Powerboat Center

We are the largest motorboating Center in Pomerania and the only watercraft rental company with authorization .

We are located 200 meters from the pier in Sopot, on the right side, the entrance to the beach No 25.

As an authorized watercraft rental company we have a number of Sea Doo watercraft. We rent 3 seater, with power 130HP.

We also parasailing. You can fly alone or with another person.

In addition, we invite you for a great fun with tube towed by our boats ... We offer 3-4 seater, sitting and lying. We can combine tube and thus we take the drive up to 10 people at once:) We offer also a banana 6 seater, completely at ease in the big waves.

You will find here also water ski and wakeboard. We learn how to scratch, basic tricks and jumps. Our boats are fitted to special poles that are needed to practice properly.

Entire families and groups of friends, welcome to our motor boats RIB. We organize trips to all locations: on the Hel Peninsula, as well as trips to Gdansk, where you can reach up to the old town and Gdynia.

Powerboat Centre is open from the last weekend of June to the last weekend of August (there is possibility of arranging meetings at different time)